The workload for surfaces in primary and secondary schools is different than surfaces in child care centres.
Child care centres deal with younger and less heavy children as compared to schools and, as such, teh wear and tear on school playground surfaces is much greater.
Our designers pay particular attention to the following problems and attempt to eliminate them when designing surfaces for schools.
  • Loose material displacement from below play equipment.
  • Hidden foreign objects such as needles embedded in play surfaces.
  • Maintenance problems caused by topping up loose materials.
  • Dog and cat faeces.
  • Site drainage and wet weather problems.
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School synthetic grass basketball court with Futsal lines

 School EPDM rubber & synthetic grass

Bark chip to wet pour rubber

Car track with tunnels

Private School Synthetic grass

Private school EPDM & synthetic grass

Car track in rubber

School basketball/netball court

Catholic school synthetic grass

Replacing existing wet pour rubber

School alcove start

School activity alcove complete

Futsal field

Softfall® around slide