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Porous Stone Paving

Porous stone paving is used in many applications but we specialise in tree surrounds.

Traditionally, councils installed wet pour rubber using either epdm or CSBR, however, there has been a trend towards porous stone as the product of choice around trees.

With both stone and rubber, the product is laid in a minimum 40mm thickness. We try to avoid preparing the base in any way, except for excavating high sections of natural soil, however, due to the cost of the product being installed, we will sometimes bring the natural level up with lightly compacted crusher dust. This ensures that the tree receives rain right at the trunk and down to the roots.

As with rubber, the stone is mixed with a polyurethane binder but in its case a high grade, strong and elastic two part glue is used. This glue sets off overnight and is not dependent on humidity to cure.

The stone comes in several shades and mixtures of colours.

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